Welcome Back

Welcome Back – We’ve missed you!

We will be reopening on Saturday 4th July 2020.

To help reduce the spread of Coronavirus, we’ve made a few changes in line with Government recommendations.
Please bare with us whilst we all adapt to the new changes.

Here are a few of the changes being implemented and there are a few FAQ’s below.
These will be updated as Government advice changes,


What days will you be open?

We will be open Friday to Monday for the first few weeks. This will allows us to make any operational changes and ensure deep cleaning is undertaken.

Can we just walk in or do we need to book?

Bookings are not being taken at this time, but this may be reviewed at a later date. If we are full, then you may have to queue!

Can we stand at the bar?

Sorry no! We are providing a table service only. This to enable us to adhere to the current social distancing measures.
Customers will be discouraged from standing and drinking.

What alcohol will be available?

We’re aiming to have 3 pumps, 3 drafts, a small selection of cider and our usual spirits.

Why do we need to complete a registration form?

We are required to capture contact details of all customers, every visit, to help with the NHS Track & Trace system.
We will securely hold your information for 21 days, after which it will be destroyed. We will only release this information to specific NHS staff.

What if I don’t complete the registration form?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to serve you and you will be asked to leave.

Can we bring a large group of people in?

At this present time, you may only sit with your own support bubble, as per the Government advice, You will not be allowed to move furniture and you should not sit with people outside of your support bubble.

What about music and live entertainment/sporting events?

We will only provide background music, so that customers do not have to shout to each other. Live entertainment and sporting events will not be available,

Can I still bring my dog in to the pub?

Yes, so long as they are on a lead and within your table space. Please keep all walkways clear.

How will you enforce social distancing?

We have re-arranged furniture, closed off the dart board, closed off the rear toilets and have signage showing the recommended flow around the pub. It is expected that customers take some responsibility when moving to the toilet or leaving the building.

Will you limit the number of drinks we can have or cap how long we can stay?

It is not our plan to impose either limit at this stage. However, we will manage this per customer/table daily,